more measurement options
Need ideas?   Our experts maximize measurement options by creating extensive inter-disciplinary models. Combining the advantages of several methodologies allows us to transcend the restrictive aspects of conventional research.  We have more tools than other suppliers so we give you more sampling alternatives, more design options and more measurement choices.  Prefer to do it yourself? Our expert panels can review your research and offer optimization suggestions.



more collection options
From GPS handhelds and direct satellite links to cognitively constructed mail questionnaires, we take your research to the next level.  Our multi-modal designs allow us to optimize data collection, reduce bias, maximize response rates and lower costs.  We offer:

VRE/IVR                   TDE                                          WEB

CATI                        CAPI                                        Mail         

FAX                          Email/Disk/Applet                      Live video interaction

Intercepts                 Focus Groups                           Observation



more reporting options
Need a simple data disk?  No problem. Want a state-of-the-art streaming video presentation that will “wow” them? We’ve got you covered.  Tired of converting supplier reports to match your company’s format? We’ll match your template.  We report data the way you need it:  multiple formats, interactive pivot tables, multimedia/DVD presentations or streaming video.

more delivery options
Our interactive client sites give you 24/7 access to bids, incidence reports, data, cross tabs and reports.  Can’t make it to the focus group? No problem.  You can view clinics, groups and event research from the fairway or poolside.


                             ie home




imagine …  a research company built around YOU


Frustrated working with suppliers who don’t understand your

needs?  So were we.  That’s why we created a company that’s

truly flexible and responsive.  We give you great prices, fast

turn around with minimal lead time, quick no-hassle changes and

lots of options.