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Wherever you are, our interactive client sites give you 24/7 access to bids, incidence reports, data, cross tabs and reports.  Can’t make it to the focus group? No problem.  You can view clinics, groups and event research from the fairway or poolside.






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The ISR summer program provides rigorous and high quality graduate training in all phases of survey research. The program teaches state-of-the-art practice and theory in the design, implementation, and analysis of surveys. Graduate-level courses through the Program in Survey Methodology will be offered in two consecutive four-week sessions, from June 7 through July 2, and from July 6 through July 30. Because the survey techniques used in many Summer Institute courses have a statistical basis, participants in most cases must have a working knowledge of concepts and procedures in elementary statistics.



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We build bridges.  Well, not exactly. The MMBA, the City of Novi Parks and Recreation Department, and the Boy Scouts have teamed up to build three much needed bridges at the Novi Lakeshore Park trail. In support of their efforts, ie purchased an  engraved plank. So, the next time you’re walking along the Novi Lakeshore Park trail, look for us.