Impact Evaluation Corp

Let us show you how decision intelligence can serve as a catalyst for change.

Our utilization of next generation interdisciplinary models, adoption of multimodal integrated designs and application of advanced statistics allow us to transcend the restrictive aspects of conventional research.

 Our team of designers, programmers, developers, and statisticians make sure that we deliver actionable, accurate, and comprehensive intelligence.

Get information when and how you need it, so you can build the capacity, address uncertainty and push boundaries.

 Our experts maximize measurement options by creating extensive inter-disciplinary models that extract techniques from:
ethnography statistics linguistics demographics econometrics behavioral psychology communications

group dynamics computer science game theory
artificial intelligence risk management psychometrics
cognitive psychology

We offer truly customized, flexible and responsive service with quick turn around and competitive prices.

Changes take minutes – not days – and vital information is available 24 hours a day via our immediate response dashboards so that you can spend your time on the work that matters.

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